Each automobile comes up with a number inbuilt display panels which take the responsibility of measuring the various functions of the vehicle. These types of panels are called auto gauge. There are many varieties of auto gauge depending upon the vehicle.  For the accurate and perfect functioning of the vehicle certain common gauges are utilized. The auto gauge that sits on display panel offers relevant signals about the car so that the underlying problem can be found out with the help of these signals.

Gauges and its functions

Let’s take a look at the various gauges available in the car and its functionalities.

Speedometer: every vehicle comes up with a speedometer. The speedometer measures the speed the vehicle is driving which is indicated on the display panel. These days electronic speedometers make their way and suggested for usage than ordinary speedometer.

Tachometer: the engines RPM or revolutions per minute are measured with tachometer. This stands to be one of the most common gauges and helps the engine from going beyond the limit of RPM.

Fuel level Meter: another important auto gauge that is utilized is the fuel level meter. This helps in monitoring the level of fuel available in the car. While driving, one can be sure of the quantity of fuel present in the car.

Voltmeter: the present voltage of the batteries can be inspected with the help of a voltmeter. This voltage level can be measured both when the engine is switched on and when switched off.

Check Engine: a common gauge takes the responsibility of monitoring the emission control system. Whenever there is a problem within the light is on indicating the driver that issue has occurred.

Oil Pressure: with this gauge the oil pressure in the engine can be checked. The oil pressure should be at a stable level, it should never be too low nor too high as it may leave the engine to drastic issues. The parts within the engine are lubricated with the help of engine oil so it is mandatory to monitor them.

Ammeter: they play the role of measuring the electric current in the batteries. The electric charges from the alternator to the batteries are checked with the help of ammeters.

Brake pressure: to inspect the pressure present in the hydraulic brake system brake pressures is utilized. The pressure existing in the hydraulic systems is monitored with the help of brake pressure. They stand to be one of the useful auto gauge system in the vehicle.

Purchasing of gauges and meters

One can get the best auto gauge meters in their cars available in the retail shops.  Another option would be to consult reputed manufacturers who are pioneers in auto meter products. Apart from all these, purchase has been made easier with the help of online shopping. One just requires to log online, choose the desired gauges from an array and place their orders. A minimal possible time is sufficient for orders to reach your place.

The online sites of reputed car dealers have a user- friendly site where the customer just requires logging in choose the type, model and year of the car. Related products regarding to the car are displayed and one can choose from these products. These auto gauges and meters are very useful while driving as they indicate if any issues are to be faced by the car. These indicators are mandatory and required to be installed in the car. An online search can offer you with more ideas and types of gauges and meters available in the market today.


The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is definitely a model that is cherished by many people. You might have been in a couple of situations where you have always wished that your car turned in to a Prado at once. Well, this happens especially when you have to go for an off-road assignment. The Toyota Prado is built for excellence both as a luxurious commuter sports car and an off road beast. This makes it one of the most sought after machine for people who would like to enjoy both worlds. Here are a couple of things that may help you in selecting the perfect model for your needs.


The first Prado was introduced in the market in the early nineties and was supposed to market the Land cruiser series. At first, Toyota’s main marketing strategy for the vehicle was its capability to maneuver in the streets just like other sports cars. This was the first model that was not commercialized as an off roader. The first versions came in two doors or four doors but still had the coil over suspension which improved handling.


The second generation Prado was introduced in the mid nineties and was refurbished as the 90 series. A few changes were done such as stretching the Prado but still maintaining its original design. Toyota also had to do away with the front suspension which was synonymous with the Hilux Surf and the Tacoma. In June 1999, they had to make more changes to make its design more appealing and more powerful. Some of the changes included the addition of fog lights on the front bumper and the introduction of new engines. They also included the engine immobilizer which prevented theft.


In 2002, Toyota had to make yet another change that led to the third generation of the Prado. They redesigned the front suspension which was seen as reliable especially for other land cruiser versions. According to a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado review of the third generation, the car was more targeted by thieves as it seemed more luxurious. In that case, Toyota had to make all Prados with an immobilizer to curb theft. Toyota also made both diesel and petro engines which also came with various power levels and sizes so that people could find something that matched their needs. With that said, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a Prado.

Diesel vs. petrol

It’s always good to go for petrol Prado unless you are working off road through out which can be done using another vehicle. Many people complain on the low performance of diesel fueled Prado especially on the highway. In fact, the power output of petrol driven Prado is nearly twice that of a diesel one. Diesel Prado is also expensive to maintain and needs to be serviced more often than petrol Prado.


Ideal year of manufucture

Basically, you can opt for what you feel like because there aren’t many changes as you can see in the changes mentioned above. Most of the changes are minor and therefore do not count.


Standard features of a Prado

Power steering

Electric windows

High Quality Radio with CD

Adjustable leather seats

Central locking

Air conditioning

ABS brakes



This depends on your personal needs. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that mileage can affect the cost of your car.  You need to do a research before buying a Prado.



Most Prados will come with a service plan of 5yrs and 90,000 kms  and therefore, it’s really had to have any problems when it comes to servicing. Nevertheless, if your Prado is out of the service range, you do not have to mind as it’s cheap. It would cost you around $370 for the service.

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Honda is a popular Japanese car manufacturer and has been producing high quality vehicles for a couple of decades. The most popular Honda model is the Civic. Honda has automotive plants across the world and this makes it easy to access any Honda Model. Honda decided to break into the Sports utility vehicle market in the mid 90s. Currently, the most premium SUV by Honda is the Honda CR-V. Originally, it was made as a station wagon but with time changed into a crossover SUV. The CR-V is in demand across the world due to a couple of things.


Power comfort and style

It’s one of the most comfortable and stylish SUVs we have on the market today. Honda is in its fourth generation production of the CR-V. Nevertheless, the features are almost the same regardless of year of manufacture. Honda CR-V has four doors and can accommodate five passengers comfortably. Furthermore, it also has a stylish interior and exterior and has a great sporty look. Depending on your preference, you can purchase an all wheel drive model or a front wheel model. There are generally 3 trim levels which are EX-L, EX and LX. Regardless of the trim you choose, you will have to use a 2.4 liter, 185 horse power 4- cylinder engine. The models also come in two different transmissions which are 5 speed- automatic and 6 speed –manual. You also have the chance to choose in between a diesel CR-V and a petrol CR-V.


Low maintenance

If you are looking for a SUV that will keep you on the road without having to visit the service center, then the CR-V is what you should be looking for. The only thing you need to do is change the oil after 10,000 miles. Before reaching 105,000 miles, the CR-V should not be taken for any servicing. According to consumer and expert reports, the car is rated 5 stars when it comes to reliability. When it comes to safety, this is the best SUV we have around if reports by the NHSTA have anything to go by. The CR-V received a 5 star rating for side and front impact and a 4 star for rolling over.

If you think of the Honda CR-V price, you are just left stunned since the small SUV delivers more than it’s priced. All the extra passenger space, baggage and its smooth handling make it a good bargain for its price. The CR-V is very efficient despite its small size. If you are looking forward to buying a used CR-V, consider these factors among others such as current physical condition. The CR-V is in its fourth generation and therefore some factors vary depending on the trim lines as well as year of manufacture. The CR-V offers great handling and due to the company’s good reputation, the model is popular among users.

There are a couple of changes that Honda had to make from the first generation CR-V to third generation CR-V to make it more consumer friendly. First of all, the safety measures had to be improved as the first generation model was not really 100% protecting the passengers in terms of head and leg injuries. Another change that came in place was the 2.0L straight 4 B20B engine which was replaced with the 2.0L B20Z which came with a 146hp output.

All in all, the SUV is a standard SUV and can be very useful as a family car as it’s very economical, comfortable and stylish. When looking for an affordable SUV, take into consideration a used Honda CR-V. Buying a used Honda CR-V is very economical as most of them are barely used for 12 months.

It’s not a crime to find ourselves in a dilemma especially when we are purchasing something that we really love. In fact, it’s always great to have a chance to be spoilt for choice. If you are planning to purchase your first car but torn in between the Primerand Almera, don’t worry, I have done the research for you and you can use the information to make a decision.


Nissan Primera succeeded the Nissan bluebird and instantaneously became a hit in the 90’s. The middle class enjoyed using this car as it was on top of the game at that time. There were a few changes since 1990- 2001 when they introduced the third generation Primera. Some of the changes included the addition of airbags, doors, model improvement and of course the change of the engines.

It was at this time that Nissan had their chance to showcase their first production after their collaboration with Renault. In fact, the Primera has a little resemblance with the Renault designs. Nevertheless, it maintains its reliability and convenience during a ride. It has a more convenient handling that makes driving enjoyable. You can choose between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission.  Here are some reasons as to why you should buy a Primera.

  • Engine power- Primera boasts 116bhp compared to 112bhp of the Almera
  • Performance—The Primera has a top speed of 117mph compared to 116mph of the Almera
  • Fuel consumption- The Primera has a 22%, 30% and 25% difference rate of saving fuel in a City, Highway and combined cycle respectively.
  • Less noise level


Nissan Almera was introduced in to the market in early 2000.It was the first model of the second generation to be announced and looked better than its predecessor. Its classy curved lines made it look exceptional. Despite facing high competition, the model still sold a lot of units worldwide.

Based on the renowned Ms Platform the N16 Almera was the first project under this platform since it’s partnership with Renault. The new Almera Tino and Primera are also based on the same platform. There have been a lot of changes done over the years to enhance the Almera. The most notable areas include, tyre grip, drive dynamics and handling. This was the ultimate vehicle for small families due to its reliability as well as its handling ability. Many people today still consider it the best family car in the world. Here are some reasons as to why the Almera is better than the Primera

  • Engine and transmission- The Almera boasts an 18.0 compression over Primera’s 9.5.It’s clear that there is a 47% difference and as you already know, the higher the compression rate the less fuel is used to produce the same power.
  • Piston diameter- The Almera has a larger one which means it has a larger filling ratio.
  • Piston stroke- The almera has a longer one and that means it consumes less fuel and emits nearly nothing.
  • Torque- The Alemra has more which means it can accelerate faster. In fact it goes from 0-60mph in 11.4 seconds while the Primera takes 12.1 seconds.



Depending on what you are looking for, you can buy any of the models. In fact, there are a couple of things that cannot be compared such as Engine capacity, Engine position, Engine speed, Fuel supply and wheel base among others.

The bottom line is that both are good cars, but you may prefer one over the other due to a couple of personal reasons. Take time to check out all these specs before purchasing any of the two models.

The Nissan X-trail is no news to most SUV drivers. It’s one of the best 4×4 vehicles that Nissan has ever made. The Japanese manufacturer first produced this vehicle in 2001. The main aim as to why they introduced it was to market it to off road drivers. Nevertheless, over time, it has become one of the luxurious vehicles with good performance on the road beating models such as BMW and Volvo. If you are a person looking for an enjoyable yet dependable SUV, then the Nissan X-Trail is what you should be looking at now. Nothing beats the Nissan X-Trail price especially when you have to look at its features. Though it hasn’t been altered a lot since 2001 it’s still the best SUV we have for a tight budget. Its cabin is practical yet luxurious which makes it easy for both the driver and the passenger to feel comfortable even during long journeys. Here are some of the specs that make this beast adorable.


Nissan X-Trail boasts a 2.0 liter diesel engine and a six speed manual transmission. It has a smooth gearbox but sometimes drives firm on motorways. When it comes to bends, you should never be worried as it performs exceptionally outdoing the well known Freelander from land Rover. That said; let’s have a brief look at the history of this amazing vehicle.


In 2001, Nissan decided to build a SUV vehicle that would make a difference and that’s when they came up with the Nissan X-Trail. They ranked it 3rd after the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Xterra. They based the first generation on the FF-S platform. This is the platform that was later used to build Nissan Primera and Nissan Almera. Nissan worked on this first generation model for a span of six years.


In 2004, it was evident that Nissan had managed to fix all first generation X-Trails with Central locking, Aircon, 4airbags, CD player, Electronic mirrors and windows. It’s then in mid 2002 that Nissan presented a special edition to the Japanese market only. After this, Nissan released the second generation models in early 2007. These models were a bit larger which made them more spacious. Nissan still produces the second generation models to date. They basically used information from car owners to tweak the first generation models. Most of the changes are very minor as many people said they wouldn’t want anything changed with the first generation-trail.


Some of the things that were added to the newer versions include Bluetooth connectivity and extra space. You can now pick up your phone by just pressing a button on the steering wheel. They have also fixed a state of the art screen on the dash board where you can see incoming calls as well as read the caller ID. Since they made it a bit larger, it has so much room in the boot as well as leg room.


The first generation of X-Trail models was specifically built to compete with off road cars such as land rovers and land cruisers. Although they did keep up to the standards, people eventually turned them into family cars as they were affordable. The second generation models were built to go off road but still have that luxurious feel for a family day out. The most available X-Trail engines range from 2.0L- – 2.5L Diesel.


All in all, Nissan X-Trail is capable of competing with the likes of Freelander, Toyota Rav 4 and Kia Sorento not to mention BMW X3. Therefore, if you are a bit pressed by your budget, look out for a used Nissan X-trail and enjoy the benefits. It’s good to do a thorough research before settling on a specific dealer to buy from to avoid scamming.