Honda is a popular Japanese car manufacturer and has been producing high quality vehicles for a couple of decades. The most popular Honda model is the Civic. Honda has automotive plants across the world and this makes it easy to access any Honda Model. Honda decided to break into the Sports utility vehicle market in the mid 90s. Currently, the most premium SUV by Honda is the Honda CR-V. Originally, it was made as a station wagon but with time changed into a crossover SUV. The CR-V is in demand across the world due to a couple of things.


Power comfort and style

It’s one of the most comfortable and stylish SUVs we have on the market today. Honda is in its fourth generation production of the CR-V. Nevertheless, the features are almost the same regardless of year of manufacture. Honda CR-V has four doors and can accommodate five passengers comfortably. Furthermore, it also has a stylish interior and exterior and has a great sporty look. Depending on your preference, you can purchase an all wheel drive model or a front wheel model. There are generally 3 trim levels which are EX-L, EX and LX. Regardless of the trim you choose, you will have to use a 2.4 liter, 185 horse power 4- cylinder engine. The models also come in two different transmissions which are 5 speed- automatic and 6 speed –manual. You also have the chance to choose in between a diesel CR-V and a petrol CR-V.


Low maintenance

If you are looking for a SUV that will keep you on the road without having to visit the service center, then the CR-V is what you should be looking for. The only thing you need to do is change the oil after 10,000 miles. Before reaching 105,000 miles, the CR-V should not be taken for any servicing. According to consumer and expert reports, the car is rated 5 stars when it comes to reliability. When it comes to safety, this is the best SUV we have around if reports by the NHSTA have anything to go by. The CR-V received a 5 star rating for side and front impact and a 4 star for rolling over.

If you think of the Honda CR-V price, you are just left stunned since the small SUV delivers more than it’s priced. All the extra passenger space, baggage and its smooth handling make it a good bargain for its price. The CR-V is very efficient despite its small size. If you are looking forward to buying a used CR-V, consider these factors among others such as current physical condition. The CR-V is in its fourth generation and therefore some factors vary depending on the trim lines as well as year of manufacture. The CR-V offers great handling and due to the company’s good reputation, the model is popular among users.

There are a couple of changes that Honda had to make from the first generation CR-V to third generation CR-V to make it more consumer friendly. First of all, the safety measures had to be improved as the first generation model was not really 100% protecting the passengers in terms of head and leg injuries. Another change that came in place was the 2.0L straight 4 B20B engine which was replaced with the 2.0L B20Z which came with a 146hp output.

All in all, the SUV is a standard SUV and can be very useful as a family car as it’s very economical, comfortable and stylish. When looking for an affordable SUV, take into consideration a used Honda CR-V. Buying a used Honda CR-V is very economical as most of them are barely used for 12 months.


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