The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is definitely a model that is cherished by many people. You might have been in a couple of situations where you have always wished that your car turned in to a Prado at once. Well, this happens especially when you have to go for an off-road assignment. The Toyota Prado is built for excellence both as a luxurious commuter sports car and an off road beast. This makes it one of the most sought after machine for people who would like to enjoy both worlds. Here are a couple of things that may help you in selecting the perfect model for your needs.


The first Prado was introduced in the market in the early nineties and was supposed to market the Land cruiser series. At first, Toyota’s main marketing strategy for the vehicle was its capability to maneuver in the streets just like other sports cars. This was the first model that was not commercialized as an off roader. The first versions came in two doors or four doors but still had the coil over suspension which improved handling.


The second generation Prado was introduced in the mid nineties and was refurbished as the 90 series. A few changes were done such as stretching the Prado but still maintaining its original design. Toyota also had to do away with the front suspension which was synonymous with the Hilux Surf and the Tacoma. In June 1999, they had to make more changes to make its design more appealing and more powerful. Some of the changes included the addition of fog lights on the front bumper and the introduction of new engines. They also included the engine immobilizer which prevented theft.


In 2002, Toyota had to make yet another change that led to the third generation of the Prado. They redesigned the front suspension which was seen as reliable especially for other land cruiser versions. According to a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado review of the third generation, the car was more targeted by thieves as it seemed more luxurious. In that case, Toyota had to make all Prados with an immobilizer to curb theft. Toyota also made both diesel and petro engines which also came with various power levels and sizes so that people could find something that matched their needs. With that said, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a Prado.

Diesel vs. petrol

It’s always good to go for petrol Prado unless you are working off road through out which can be done using another vehicle. Many people complain on the low performance of diesel fueled Prado especially on the highway. In fact, the power output of petrol driven Prado is nearly twice that of a diesel one. Diesel Prado is also expensive to maintain and needs to be serviced more often than petrol Prado.


Ideal year of manufucture

Basically, you can opt for what you feel like because there aren’t many changes as you can see in the changes mentioned above. Most of the changes are minor and therefore do not count.


Standard features of a Prado

Power steering

Electric windows

High Quality Radio with CD

Adjustable leather seats

Central locking

Air conditioning

ABS brakes



This depends on your personal needs. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that mileage can affect the cost of your car.  You need to do a research before buying a Prado.



Most Prados will come with a service plan of 5yrs and 90,000 kms  and therefore, it’s really had to have any problems when it comes to servicing. Nevertheless, if your Prado is out of the service range, you do not have to mind as it’s cheap. It would cost you around $370 for the service.

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