The Nissan X-trail is no news to most SUV drivers. It’s one of the best 4×4 vehicles that Nissan has ever made. The Japanese manufacturer first produced this vehicle in 2001. The main aim as to why they introduced it was to market it to off road drivers. Nevertheless, over time, it has become one of the luxurious vehicles with good performance on the road beating models such as BMW and Volvo. If you are a person looking for an enjoyable yet dependable SUV, then the Nissan X-Trail is what you should be looking at now. Nothing beats the Nissan X-Trail price especially when you have to look at its features. Though it hasn’t been altered a lot since 2001 it’s still the best SUV we have for a tight budget. Its cabin is practical yet luxurious which makes it easy for both the driver and the passenger to feel comfortable even during long journeys. Here are some of the specs that make this beast adorable.


Nissan X-Trail boasts a 2.0 liter diesel engine and a six speed manual transmission. It has a smooth gearbox but sometimes drives firm on motorways. When it comes to bends, you should never be worried as it performs exceptionally outdoing the well known Freelander from land Rover. That said; let’s have a brief look at the history of this amazing vehicle.


In 2001, Nissan decided to build a SUV vehicle that would make a difference and that’s when they came up with the Nissan X-Trail. They ranked it 3rd after the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Xterra. They based the first generation on the FF-S platform. This is the platform that was later used to build Nissan Primera and Nissan Almera. Nissan worked on this first generation model for a span of six years.


In 2004, it was evident that Nissan had managed to fix all first generation X-Trails with Central locking, Aircon, 4airbags, CD player, Electronic mirrors and windows. It’s then in mid 2002 that Nissan presented a special edition to the Japanese market only. After this, Nissan released the second generation models in early 2007. These models were a bit larger which made them more spacious. Nissan still produces the second generation models to date. They basically used information from car owners to tweak the first generation models. Most of the changes are very minor as many people said they wouldn’t want anything changed with the first generation-trail.


Some of the things that were added to the newer versions include Bluetooth connectivity and extra space. You can now pick up your phone by just pressing a button on the steering wheel. They have also fixed a state of the art screen on the dash board where you can see incoming calls as well as read the caller ID. Since they made it a bit larger, it has so much room in the boot as well as leg room.


The first generation of X-Trail models was specifically built to compete with off road cars such as land rovers and land cruisers. Although they did keep up to the standards, people eventually turned them into family cars as they were affordable. The second generation models were built to go off road but still have that luxurious feel for a family day out. The most available X-Trail engines range from 2.0L- – 2.5L Diesel.


All in all, Nissan X-Trail is capable of competing with the likes of Freelander, Toyota Rav 4 and Kia Sorento not to mention BMW X3. Therefore, if you are a bit pressed by your budget, look out for a used Nissan X-trail and enjoy the benefits. It’s good to do a thorough research before settling on a specific dealer to buy from to avoid scamming.


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