It’s not a crime to find ourselves in a dilemma especially when we are purchasing something that we really love. In fact, it’s always great to have a chance to be spoilt for choice. If you are planning to purchase your first car but torn in between the Primerand Almera, don’t worry, I have done the research for you and you can use the information to make a decision.


Nissan Primera succeeded the Nissan bluebird and instantaneously became a hit in the 90’s. The middle class enjoyed using this car as it was on top of the game at that time. There were a few changes since 1990- 2001 when they introduced the third generation Primera. Some of the changes included the addition of airbags, doors, model improvement and of course the change of the engines.

It was at this time that Nissan had their chance to showcase their first production after their collaboration with Renault. In fact, the Primera has a little resemblance with the Renault designs. Nevertheless, it maintains its reliability and convenience during a ride. It has a more convenient handling that makes driving enjoyable. You can choose between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission.  Here are some reasons as to why you should buy a Primera.

  • Engine power- Primera boasts 116bhp compared to 112bhp of the Almera
  • Performance—The Primera has a top speed of 117mph compared to 116mph of the Almera
  • Fuel consumption- The Primera has a 22%, 30% and 25% difference rate of saving fuel in a City, Highway and combined cycle respectively.
  • Less noise level


Nissan Almera was introduced in to the market in early 2000.It was the first model of the second generation to be announced and looked better than its predecessor. Its classy curved lines made it look exceptional. Despite facing high competition, the model still sold a lot of units worldwide.

Based on the renowned Ms Platform the N16 Almera was the first project under this platform since it’s partnership with Renault. The new Almera Tino and Primera are also based on the same platform. There have been a lot of changes done over the years to enhance the Almera. The most notable areas include, tyre grip, drive dynamics and handling. This was the ultimate vehicle for small families due to its reliability as well as its handling ability. Many people today still consider it the best family car in the world. Here are some reasons as to why the Almera is better than the Primera

  • Engine and transmission- The Almera boasts an 18.0 compression over Primera’s 9.5.It’s clear that there is a 47% difference and as you already know, the higher the compression rate the less fuel is used to produce the same power.
  • Piston diameter- The Almera has a larger one which means it has a larger filling ratio.
  • Piston stroke- The almera has a longer one and that means it consumes less fuel and emits nearly nothing.
  • Torque- The Alemra has more which means it can accelerate faster. In fact it goes from 0-60mph in 11.4 seconds while the Primera takes 12.1 seconds.



Depending on what you are looking for, you can buy any of the models. In fact, there are a couple of things that cannot be compared such as Engine capacity, Engine position, Engine speed, Fuel supply and wheel base among others.

The bottom line is that both are good cars, but you may prefer one over the other due to a couple of personal reasons. Take time to check out all these specs before purchasing any of the two models.


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